Best Islamic Books For Kids

Best Islamic Books For Kids

Reading Islamic books for kids from a young age can  increase their knowledge and gently introduce them to Islamic faith .  Our religion values reading since the first verse revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P- B- U-H) was “IQRA” “READ” from surah AL-ALAQ   

If you want to build strong bonding with your kids, read books for them.

Islamic Books For  Kids & Parenting

There is a saying that a book cannot  change the world but it  can change the readers, and readers can change the world .Reading Islamic books for kids and telling moral stories to them will definitely have a good impact on them. They will learn good manners and build strong faith in Allah from an early age. You can make your kids books friendly from an early age by reading for them.

Benefits of reading Islamic books for kids

  • Helps  them to build linguistic skills.
  •  Books introduce  children to the world of imagination, and provides them information about the world,
  • Enhance knowledge ,
  • Develops empathy and emotional awareness.
  • Provides an opportunity for parents and kids to connect.
  • Reading Islamic books for kids is necessary to introduce them with Islamic values ,
  •  It helps in  building spiritual and emotional well being of  children and complete faith in Allah. 

Best Books To Read For Kids And Toddlers

 Here, I have compiled a list of  some beautiful and interesting Islamic books for kids that will help parents in the moral and religious training of their  children.

  • My first book about Allah by Sara Khan.

My First Book about Allah

  • My first book about Prophet MUHAMMAD(P-B-U-H) by Sara Khan.

My First Book ABout Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

  • My first book about the Quran by Sara Khan.

My First Book About Quran

  • This is why we pray ,A story about Islam, Salah & Dua by Ameenah Muhammad.

this is why we pray

  • 30 Bedtime stories from 30 values from Quran by Bachar Karroum. 

                       30 islamic books for kids Bedtime Stories

Hope you find  good and interesting Islamic books for children here.  you can buy theses books online.


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