How To write A Book With No Experience?

How To write A Book With No Experience 

As we all know, writing a book  with no experience is a difficult task and we have to give proper time while writing a book. It becomes more difficult when you have no experience of writing and you are not a student of literature. You know that creating an exciting narrative, developing interesting characters and creating a lovely and mind bending story is always what people love. Do you want to do that too? Don’t worry. In this guide I am going to tell you the whole process of writing a book with no experience. You will learn from scratch including ideation to publication. I will tell you every dot that needs to be connected while writing a book.

Find Your Passion and Purpose

If you have decided to write a book  then keep thinking about what you want to write and for whom you want to write. Explore your ideas and start writing. If you feel energetic and emotional during  writing it means you are getting your passion in the words. Purpose of writing a book is finding joy in describing your thoughts to others. When you feel joy in  this  process ,your enthusiasm will shine through in your words.

Develop a Clear Outline

Writing is an adventure and if you want to enjoy it, make a clear outline in your mind of what you want to write .By developing an outline for writing a book. Make this process organized and manageable. Choose your topic ,create a list of main ideas ,brainstorm your ideas take notes .And narrate simply that makes sense and it should be easy to understand .It should be clear and straight from start to end .All of the parts of story work well together Nothing should be out of place. This outline will make the story or book unique and interesting.

Create Memorable Characters

Write characters which are relatable to readers. Give your characters universal traits like sense of humor ,courage and loyalty because people love these traits .On the other hand create characters which are strong ,give them flaws of mistakes and failure .Give your characters a  back story .Readers consider those characters memorable who rate more extremely on one or two personality dimensions ,May be so introverted or may be  so open to new  experiences .Create unique  characters who just can’t be copied .Let them be what they are ,and let  their actions direct  the flow of the story

Set Realistic Writing Goals

Set goals for your writing , whether it’s daily or weekly. But try to complete your project with full focus and attention on time. Goals setting is a learned behavior, which helps you to do well in future

Your writing goals should  be realistic and achievable. They need to be  observable ,relevant and  realistic .Keep your goals in mind while writing and allocate time to write accordingly . Consistency, stability and regularity is the key to success.

Immerse Yourself in Writing

To become a great writer ,you must keep writing  regularly. A writer is a creator, so he  needs a calm environment, so he can comfortably bring the characters in his mind to life with his pen . Set aside time to write whether daily or weekly. If you want to become a confident and competent writer, you should practice writing continuously because  practice makes a man perfect .To become a skilled writer, immersive storytelling is a powerful technique to capture audience vision  or readers attention.

Seek Feedback Revise And Rewrite

When you have  completed your writing. Get feedback from others on your writing and take their criticism and suggestions positively .Because by revising your  writings you  can ensure that your thoughts are clearly expressed .After revising and  rewriting you can  correct your writing mistakes. And by taking feedback ,revising your project and after rewriting your mistakes ,you will be able to present a better book for your readers.

Educate Yourself

In order to become a good writer ,one should broaden their studies and now there are many online libraries, courses and workshops to improve language skills from which you can learn a lot.

Editing And Proofreading  Process

If you want to present the best book for your readers then editing is a critical step .Editing and proofreading are important steps before publishing a book .In these steps final document is properly and thoroughly reviewed, and reread .Grammar mistakes are checked and corrected  properly .You can hire professional proofreaders and book editors for this purpose.

Explore Publishing Options

Now your manuscript is ready ,it’s time to dream come true ,Time to publish your book .You can do it by two ways 

  1. Self publish, it means do it yourself but it requires significant investment of, time and money .You have to proofread ,copy edit ,design book cover page ,book  interior ,book title ,hire publisher services ,and then go for distribution , pricing  and marketing of your book.
  2. Traditional Publishing, in this you will acquire a literary agent ,who will contact publishers .sign traditional   way the publisher buys the rights of publishing your book and pays you royalties from the sale.


It  seems a bit  challenging to write a book with no experience but it is possible  with will ,enthusiasm and passion to learn. Try to  Follow these steps, try to enhance your creativity and talent and be sure that every word you write is an  achievement of  your dream of becoming a published author. Happy writing!


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