A Discovery Of Witches Book Review

 A Discovery of Witches: A Tale of Magic, Mystery, and Forbidden Love

This novel “A Discovery of Witches’ ‘ takes its readers into a world where magic and reality combine to enthrall the readers  This story will take you on a journey where secrets hidden in the dusty layers of history will be revealed . Among those secrets is the unique story of love , which is hidden away from the prison of time.

The Excellent Plot & Characterization 

In this novel, the characterization, excellent plot and layer upon layer of hidden secrets is a great effort of the novelist Deborah Harkness , which enthralls  her readers . This is a love story between Diana Bishop and an unorthodox character Matthew who is very clever and quick witted. This is the story of a reluctant witch and a centuries-old vampire romance . The mysterious story of this love affair hidden in a long lost document , that deals with the hidden world of witches and vampires and demons .

Matthew Clairmont is a vampire  who falls in love with a witch named Diana who is reluctant to accept his love. And this story uncovers the hidden world of witches.

Vivid And Immersive Word Building

The story is very well told and that is its glory, every character feels alive . The environment is beautifully  depicted. Be in the halls of Oxford Bodleian Library or the beautiful streets of the French countryside, The author has described each location in a detailed and beautiful manner. The beauty of the scenery, the best of the characters , the historical references , and the mention of the places in the story is mesmerizing .

Harken’s prose is lush and evocative 

Deborah Harkness `s writing style is rich and captivating. The characterization is so vivid that readers feel themselves walking alongside . Mathew and Diana . As they delve into the mysteries of a lost and secret world . Be in the story of the smell of ancient books in the library or the taste of blood on Matthew`s lips .Harkness `s writing envelopes the heart and mind and the reader becomes a part of that  environment .

Mysterious Manuscript of Ash mole 782 And Entry in the Magical World

The story takes a mysterious turn when a mysterious letter( manuscript) Ash mole 782 comes across in the Oxford Bodleian library . Ash mole 782 is a document that contains secret spells to unlock the mysteries of the world of witches and wizards and vampires . When Diana Bishop , inadvertently reads the document in the library archive. A Series of strange events begins that takes her to the mystical world of magic and Diana`s life is in danger. 

Characters of the Past In the Mysterious world 

When Diana and Matthew arrive in the magical world of Ash mole 782 , They meet some characters from the past . Including Diana`s aunts Sarah and Emily, who were powerful witches of the time .And on the other hand is Matthew`s vampire family with the characters  like  Philippe de Clermont , Ysabeau de Clermont  and Louisa Clermont . These characters have their unique personalities ,powers  and their own  goals. Each character has its own powerful personality ,distinct goals ,strength and their  different  weaknesses  also . You can say that characters are multi -dimensional, and each of them is well described by the author of the novel.. 


Most Intriguing Aspect of the novel is Exploration of Supernatural

The most interesting aspect of this novel is its revelation of amazing secrets about  the magical world and supernatural beings. Harkness has carefully written every aspect while writing this story  .Somewhere  she has made us aware of supernatural characters with her imagination, and sometimes bringing out  characters decorated with the colors of folklore is the supreme art of Harkness as a writer .From  the words and their payment to the politics of the supernatural world of ghosts and witches ,the shocking events , the author has woven everything in the story beautifully ,like a jewel in a ring .

A Story Of Love but Full of Obstacles and Challenge

 “A Discovery of Witches” is a story about witches and vampires, but it actually tells the story of Diana and Matthew`s love  .Even if ghosts and witches fall in love, the oppressive society puts obstacles there too. According to the rules of the magical world Diana & Matthew can not live together . Vampire Matthew`s dark past doesn’t allow  him  to have a relationship with a witch .But  they are willing to risk anything for love. Along with their heart wrenching love story they explore the deepest secrets of  mystery book Ash mole 782 , And uncovers a web of conspiracies spanning centuries to destroy join’s magical world .But Diana and Matthew are willing to risk everything to uncover the truth .


Debora Harkness waves this story in such a fascinating way that readers eagerly await the next half of the series. The strange events of the magical world and the feeling of love and separation keep the reader enthralled. If  you want to read fantasy  romance and mystery together A Discovery of Witches is a very interesting novel to read. Deborah Harkness  has set her imagination so high that the reader is lost in the mystery and depth of the story.

What age is A Discovery of Witches appropriate for?

The tone of the novel is serious and dramatic, but the content is fine for mature tweens and up.



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